Elastomer In Shear Style Couplings
The easy layout with the S-Flex coupling ensures ease of assembly and trusted effectiveness. No exclusive tools are wanted for installation or removal. S-Flex couplings is usually utilized in a wide variety of applications.
Uncomplicated to install
Maintenance No cost
No Lubrication
Dampens Vibration and Controls Shock
Torsionally Soft
Double Engagement
Qualities and Functionality Details
The S-Flex coupling design is comprised of three components: two flanges with internal teeth engage an elastomeric flexible sleeve with external teeth
Torque is transmited through the flanges mounted on each the driver and driven shafts by means of the sleeve
Misalignment and torsional shock loads are absorbed by shear deflection in the sleeve
The shear characteristic of your S-Flex coupling is incredibly properly suited to absorb impact loads
The S-Flex coupling gives combinations of flanges and sleeves which can be assembled to suit your certain application
Thirteen sizes are available with torque abilities that vary from 60 in-lbs to 72,480 in-lbs
The S-Flex flanges are made available in five designs that are made from zinc or cast iron
Sleeves can be found in EPDM rubber, Neoprene to deal with a wide range of application specifications
Protection from misalignment, shock, and vibration:
The S-Flex coupling accepts as much as .062 in of parallel misalignment devoid of put on. The flexible coupling sleeve minimizes the radial loads imposed on equipment bearings, a problem commonly associated with parallel misalignment.
The S-Flex couplings is usually utilized in applications which call for a restricted amount of shaft end-float devoid of transferring thrust loads to equipment bearings. Axial movement of approximately 1/8 inch accepted.
The flexing action of the elastomeric sleeve along with the locking feature on the mating teeth permits the S-Flex coupling to successfully handle angular misalignment up to 1??.
S-Flex couplings successfully dampen torsional shock and vibration to protect connected tools. The EPDM and Neoprene sleeves have torsional wind-up flexibility of 15?? at their rated torque. Hytrel offers 7??wind-up.