Mobile Pneumatic Loading Conveying System for Powder Grain Particle

Cellular pneumatic loading conveying system for powder grain particle


JA sequence pneumatic conveyor (ie, grain-absorbing device) is an sophisticated substance managing device that can transportation horizontally, inclinedly, vertically, and so on., such as rice, rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, peanuts, plastics, and granular components. . It is particularly applicable to the bulk storage, bulk transportation, loosening and other mechanization functions in the generation process of massive-scale grain merchants such as farms, stations, and docks, this kind of as replenishment, warehousing, dumping, dumping, and grain processing, feed processing, and beer brewing. The device has the operate of taking away impurities and dehydrating cereals when transporting cereals.

Conveying distance&quantity

Conveying distance(m) 8 ten 20 30 40 50 sixty 80 Suction pipe is 3m rubber delicate pipe
Conveying capacity ton/h DLG-10 ten 8.5 seven five three      
DLG-15 fifteen 13 11 9 7.2 six five  
DLG-20 20 17 fifteen 13 twelve 11 nine 8
DLG-thirty 30 28 twenty five 22 twenty 18 16 fifteen

Components to convey by this air conveyor:

Specifics photographs:


CZPT parameters: 

Product DLG-10 DLG-fifteen DLG-twenty DLG-25C DLG-30C
Electricity(KW) 11.75 23.1 38.five
Air flow(m3/h) 1000 1600 1800 1800 1800
Supporter pressure(mmH2O) 1500 1600 2200 2400 3300
Max horizontal length(m) fifty 70 100 120 a hundred and forty
Max conveying capacity(t/h) 10 15 20 25 thirty
Max suction length(m) ten 10 10 ten 10
Max head shipping(m) 12 18 20 twenty five thirty
Measurement(cm)(L*W*H) 178*106*one hundred fifty five 208*122*180 208*one hundred sixty*a hundred and eighty 228*131*275 240*one hundred sixty*275
Bodyweight(kg) 465 530 620 795 920

Mobile Pneumatic Loading Conveying System for Powder Grain Particle