High Speed PVC Automatic Panel Saw Machinery Heavy Duty Woodworking Computer Panel Saw

Description of mechanical functionality demands:
one.The rack carries the weight of all add-ons and all masses in the function. For that reason, there are reasonably large needs for the substance selection, welding and processing engineering of the frame. With out relative specialist knowledge, the accuracy and balance of the device will be decreased.
2.All common parts are skilled buying units, this sort of as bearings, specific drag chain cables, precision information rails, motors, reducers, PLC, frequency converters, magnetic grid ruler, management switches, and so on. All of these are the main elements of the device, which have reasonable specification specifications for the hardware cooperation of the digital observed.
3.Observed straightness ± .1mm, diagonal ± .3mm, perpendicularity ± .1mm. See parameter description for other specifications.
4.Suited for: density board, melamine, particle board, ecological board, big core board, aluminum plastic board, multilayer board, finger board, calcium silicate board, acrylic board, PVC, PU, PE, gentle information board, gypsum board, sandwich board and other non difficult steel components reducing, protected and productive.

Product parameters:

Slicing length 3350mm Diameter of primary observed blade 400mm
Slicing width 3280mm Slot saw blade diameter 180mm
Chopping top 100mm Sawing energy 15P/11kw
Blade speeds 80m/min Groove observed electrical power 2.2kw
Spindle velocity 4800m/min Steam floating electricity 2.2kw
Groove sawing diploma 6802m/min Noticed electricity one.5kw
Groove sawing diploma 80m/min Manipulator 12 spot
Return speed 100m/min Lubricating oil forty#
Major saw shaft diameter 75mm Feed electricity 1.5kw
Groove sawing diameter 45mm Switchboard energy eighteen.4kw
Define dimension 6340*5250*1750 Switchboard weight 4980kg

Mechanical configuration description:
                                    Main mechanical components

                  Identify         Brand name         Spot of Origin
CZPT SKF Singapore
Towline cable YICHU ZheJiang (joint venture)
Electrical power motor CZPTE ZheJiang
Servo motor XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. ZheJiang (ZheJiang joint venture)
Digital ruler NiKo Italy
Circular guide rail BDI ZheJiang (US joint venture)
Precision guidebook TBI ZheJiang
Precision rack KH ZheJiang
Precision equipment AGS HangCZPT (ZheJiang joint enterprise)

                                 Main electrical equipment

Servo driver ICZPTNCE ZheJiang
Button change BENLEE HangCZPT
Check MCGS HangCZPT (ZheJiang joint undertaking)
Proximity change FOTEH ZheJiang
Reduced voltage electrical equipment Schneider ZheJiang
Magnetic change SNS ZheJiang
Pneumatic factors DONT ZheJiang
Solenoid valve STNC ZheJiang


High Speed PVC Automatic Panel Saw Machinery Heavy Duty Woodworking Computer Panel Saw