Full Plastic Elevator Part Compensation Chain

CZPT compensation chain description
             The elevator compensation chain is typically utilised, the structure of the chain wrapped PVC rubber composite wire rope is utilised to compensate for the excess weight of the elevator working smoothly.
            When the elevator is on the top ground, the wire rope is on the weighty facet, and the fat of the wire rope on the large sideWhen the elevator at the bottom, the wire rope in the car facet, the auto side of the weight of the wire rope.
            Fitted with the compensation chain can harmony this element of the gap, to compensate for the dynamic balance, because the wire rope with fat, with the elevator up and down movement, will generate dynamic imbalance, so compensation chain is utilised.

Features of payment chain:
Great and secure performance
Versatility, tiny bending diameters, insulation, durability, aging-resistance, can function underneath a wide variety of temperature
Lower noise, advisable for elevator pace more than one.75m/s and considerably less than 3m/s

Operate Table

Fundamental Operate
1 Self -return CZPT contacting house landing
two Corridor & car doorway time placing
3 CZPT closing time protectio
4 CZPT opening & closing button
five Crisis hearth-preventing operation
six Emergency lighting in the auto
7 All selective collective manage
8 Vehicle digital place indicator
9 Hall & automobile calling/sign-up
ten Show of auto vacation direction
eleven Intercom amid keep track of area,machine room and the car
12 Total load non cease
thirteen Overload non commence(Warning gentle and alarm)
14 Working moments exhibit
15 Car top and control cupboard emergency electrical vacation
sixteen Automatic lights control
seventeen Automatic detection to any difficulties
eighteen Alarm bell
19 Light curtain door defense device
twenty Incorrect automobile contact terminate
21 Parking
22 Digital landing situation indicator
23 Display of landing vacation path
Optional Perform
one Preset phone cable(From the automobile to manage cupboard)  
two UPS electrical power-failure emergency leveling  
3 Automobile arrival gong  

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Full Plastic Elevator Part Compensation Chain