DTH Hammer Drilling and Rotary Drilling Hfw200L Water Well Rigs Manufacturer

DTH Hammer Drilling and Rotary Drilling Hfw200L H2o Properly Rigs Maker

Product Description:

one.HFW200Lwater well drilling machine is a kind of light and high efficient multifunctional water well drill rig with steel track.HFW200L water well drilling machine is widely used in engineering construction for drilling wells,monitoring wells and groundsource heat pump airconditioner,and also applied in hole blasting,bolting and anchor cable,et.
2.Top drive rotary power head and a hydraulic rotary disk rotating mechanism, hydraulic motors, hydraulic winch chain propulsion for deep hole technology,mud,compressed air DTH hammer drilling technology,HFW200L water well drilling machine can finish cover layer,sand gravel,sand,rock layer stratum,large diameter deep hole construction.
3.The drill, drill pipe rack lift unloading, leveling supporting legs, lifting, walking and other auxiliary movement by the hydraulic system, HFW200L water well drilling machine not only can improve the working efficiency, and reduces the labor intensity of operators.

Main Features:

1.Xihu (West Lake) Dis. lane matches with roller skate, HFW200L water well drilling machine can reduce 
the sliding resistance,and also reduce friction and improve the lifetime of extension guide.

two.CZPT power head and a hydraulic rotary disc motor chain, drilling and hydraulic
winch binding, new drilling method, reasonable power matching.

3.Set covering layer, stratum two kinds of method in one construction drill.

4.Travelling to tracked selfpropelled structure, optional6x4heavy truck to car type well 

5.HFW200L water well drilling machine is very convenient with air compressor and DTH 
hammer, using compressed air DTH hammer drilling technology, complete the bedrock drilling operation.

6.HFW200L water well drilling machine is equipped with patent technology hydraulic rotary disk, mud pump, hydraulic winch, the mud can be completed normal circulation drilling 

seven.Drill carriage slipway and roller skate matching,Particularly, reduce sliding resistance, and 
reduce the slide wear. 

8.Twospeed hydraulic regulation is used in rotary,have confidence in,lifting,shall make drilling 
specification more match with well working situation.
nine.CZPT system equipped with separate aircooled hydraulic oil cooler,and can optional 
install water cooler 

to ensure hydraulic system keep continuous and efficient operation under the 
higher temperature weather conditions of different regions.

10.Four strenthened hydraulic jacks can become self loading system, to ensure rotation 
easy and save lifting costs.


HFW200L water well drilling machine specification:

Engine power Kw 110
Max.drilling depth M two hundred
Borehole diameter Mm Rock layer100-200,soil layer500-1000
Working air pressure Mpa 1.05-2.46
The total gas consumption m3/min 16-30
Drilling efficiency m/h 10-twenty five
Length of drill rod m 3
Drill pipe diameter mm 89/108
The driven rod mm 108*108
Axial pressure KN 120
Lifting force KN 120
CZPT hoist KN a hundred
Slow down,slow speed m/min nine.two
Rise fast,fast CZPT speed m/min 50
Power head of rotary torque Nm 5400
Lower rotary hydraulic turntable Nm 35000
Rotary speed r.p.m -50,-a hundred
CZPT mud pump L/min 250
Walking speed Km/h 3
Climbing ability ° 20
Host weight  KN 7200
Mainframe exterior size mm 5700*2100*3200

After income:

1.New HFW200L h2o effectively drilling device offers technical train.
2.Once anything goes mistaken with the equipment by regular making use of,our technological particular person must show up at the first time no matter the place you are.
three.When the machine ought to be maintained,you will get the reminding from us.
4.According to different geological conditions,we will recommend diverse design plans for you. 
5.Remind you which are donning areas,so you can put together sufficient.
6.24 hours answer to your quality difficulty.

seven. Other customer’s affordable request 

Sales manager:Vincent Guo

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DTH Hammer Drilling and Rotary Drilling Hfw200L Water Well Rigs Manufacturer