Roller Chains with U Type Attachments 16A-U2F8/16A-U2F9

Roller chains with U-type attachments have vulcanized rubber profiles, reducing the risk of the product being damaged during transportation. These are suitable for traditional uses such as furniture, glass, ceramic tiles or woodworking.

Many materials can be used to make chains, including stainless steel. To replace damaged chains, first determine which attachment type is best for you. It is also important to determine which sprockets will work with your chain. The 2 sprockets for these chains are usually two. An offset chain can be used to replace the connecting part. This type of chain has an outer plate and an inside link. This type of chain consists of an outer plate and an inner link. A cross rod connects them. It does not twist.

Dimensions of Roller Chains with U Type Attachments

Sprockets for Roller Chains

The essential component of a roller chain is its sprocket. Sprockets are used to move the chain in a specific direction and come in many materials. You can choose from bronze, cast iron, and aluminum, as well as manganese steel. You can also find sprockets in different sizes, from 0.05 inches up to 48 inches.

Most sprockets are milled or forged. Some may be flame-cut. Sprockets can be made in segments, halves, or with an integral shaft. They may be made from various materials, including steel and plastic. Hybrid versions of sprockets may feature metal wheels with plastic teeth. Sprocket manufacturers generally work with ISO and ANSI roller chains.

The sprocket selection for roller chains is essential to the efficiency of transmission and smooth rotation. The type of sprocket you choose also determines the life of the chain. Many manufacturers of sprockets for roller chains offer sprockets with standard shaft diameters or sprockets that meet JIS standards.

Sprockets for roller chains can vary in size and pitch. Generally, a chain with large pitch diameter requires sprockets with large teeth, while smaller chains with smaller pitch diameters will require sprockets with smaller teeth. The number of teeth per inch is also important, and a sprocket’s tooth pitch and sprocket’s bore are essential in choosing the right sprocket for the drive shaft.

Another factor to consider when choosing the sprockets is the transmission horsepower. A higher transmission horsepower will require larger sprockets than a small one, so you need to choose an appropriately sized chain.

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Why Choose Our Roller Chains?

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