The spline shaft plate is a mechanical component that provides smooth movement and load-bearing capacity. This part of the gearbox is made of alloy steel, which contains chromium, nickel, molybdenum, copper, and other elements. It is also called a pressure plate or hub. It has different designs. For more information, please read this article. This article will provide you with an overview of spline shaft plate and hubs.
spline shaft plate
In some cases, the splined hub may be damaged, requiring custom machine and welding work. A damaged spline shaft plate can also cause other damage, such as bent engine blocks or damaged transmission housings. Damaged splined hubs can also cause accelerated wear of the power train and transmission. Here are some steps to prevent such damage. Some tips for repairing splined hubs are listed below.
spline shaft plate and transmission front end
The spline shaft plate and the front end of the transmission form a unit. The spline shaft plate 50 is inserted into the inner hub 34 through a groove formed by its front edge. Before the snap ring is engaged, the spline portion 52 engages the spline in the inner spline hole 36. The retaining ring fixes the spline shaft at the outer end of the retaining ring.
Spline hub and pressing plate
The splined hub consists of a flange that divides the hub into an internal flange and an external flange. The 2 flanges are connected with each other through a series of splines, and there is a circumferential clearance between the splines. A complete base plate forms the outer flange and is firmly connected to the inner flange. Two springs act between the inner flange and the base plate and are fixed in place by fixing plates on both sides.
Involute spline
Involute spline is an important part of the shaft plate. They help ensure that the shafts are aligned in a safe manner. To understand these features, you can refer to Dan Seger’s inside spline. This book also provides information about spline inspection standards. Hollow broach can also be used to improve speed and repeatability. This is a good method to determine the geometry of the spline curve, which is very important for torque transmission.
Serrated spline
The splines on the spline shaft plate must be completely matched before the joint can work. When using 2 rotating splines, the serrated spline shaft plate is a good choice. Involute spline is similar to external parallel spline, but its tooth spacing is closer, which can be called external spline or internal spline.
Spiral spline
Splines are rotating shaft components with equally spaced grooves. They can be involuntary or parallel. The design of the spline minimizes the stress concentration at the fixed joint. They can be cut or cold rolled. They are stronger than cutting spikes and are used in applications requiring high strength, precision, and finish. Involute spline is more complex than straight spline and has many applications.
Parallel spline
In aerospace, parallel splines on shaft plates help transmit torque and rotation. These splines have equal tooth spacing and are used for male and female splines. Splines are widely used in aerospace applications and other industries, and their advantages include higher reliability and fatigue life. But are they really better than splines? Let’s take a closer look at the 2 main parallel splines and their advantages and disadvantages.

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