Automatic Garage Door Opener Motor

Automatic Garage CZPT Opener with Reduced Value &lparGM01&rpar

Solution Description

one&interval Basic info&time period&colon
1&period1 ISO factory
1&period2 CE&solEMC&solRoHS acceptance
1&period3 Straightforward instllation
1&period4 High peroformance& minimal maintainance

2&time period Component elements&colon
two&period1 CZPTer sleeve 2&period2 Idler Pulley Bracket two&period3 Trolley two&period4 Rail two&period5 Chain
2&period6 Hanging bracket 2&period7 power cord two&period8 opener two&period9 Light lens
2&period10 Manual launch rope&manage two&period11 Curved doorway arm
two&period12 Staight door arm two&period13 CZPT bracket &plate
two&period14 CZPTer bracket two&period15 Driving Wheel
2&period16 Wheel foundation two&period17 Rope’s lever

three&period of time Attributes&colon
3&period1 Minimal running noise & LED menu sign
3&period2 Digital limit with journey memory
three&period3 Galvanized metal rail&comma power-minimize automobile loack and manual launch
3&period4 Comfortable Sart& stop perform
three&period5 Protection reverse in scenario of obstruction
3&period6 Routinely delay door-closing & three minutes gentle
3&period7 CZPT adjustable power handle

four&period of time Specification&colon

  MG01   MG001
Voltage 110VAC 60HZ or 220VAC 50HZ 110VAC 60HZ or 220VAC 50HZ
Motor 24VDC 90W 24VDC 120W
Gentle Electrical power ten-25W ten-25W
Operation Velocity 120mm&sols 120mm&sols
Ambient Temperature -30 ºC to &plus60 ºC -30 ºC to &plus60 ºC
Max&period Pressure 600N 800N
CZPTroom essential 30mm 30mm
Max&period of time CZPT Peak two&period3m 2&period3m
Max&period of time CZPT Region 8m ² 10m ²
Max CZPT Bodyweight 60KGs 80Kgs
Transport measurement 82&period5&ast30&ast24cm   82&period5&ast30&ast24cm
Qty&interval Loaded 500pcs in twenty ft container 500pcs in twenty ft container
G&periodW&solN&periodW&time period 15&period4&sol14KGs fifteen&period4KGs&sol14KGs
Color Blue or as for every your ask for   Blue or as for each your ask for

Automatic Garage Door Opener Motor