Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine with Overhead Chain

Substantial good quality hanging chain variety shot blast device
 Q38 Q48 Q58 series hanging chain variety shot blast machinery has 3 types: constant combine, phase-by step and accumulating roller conveyor,Q38 Q48 cleaning equipment are appropriate for processing huge bathes middle-and small-size work parts.The function items,along with the pendent chin, shift repeatedly or stage by stage,or by accumulating rooler conveyor transportating.They can cease at offered situation and shot-blasting room.It is extremely simple and exect to end the stactic loading/unloading and shot blasting works,the solitary hook can load capability of fifty-2000kg, accumulating roller chains have unique rewards:large effectiveness and trustworthy procedure.
  Radiators blasting equipment, shot blasting machine radiator, developed to thoroughly clean up the radiator, frame, wire shot blasting products. The unique point out of the steel area can impose powerful blasting, to remove its rust layer, welding slag and oxide, and as a result acquire a uniform metallic luster, in get to increase the good quality and ending of metal corrosion impact.

Techincal Parameter:

  Q383C Q384C Q385C
50,sixty five,38,forty nine 70,eighty seventy five
Pace of hook(m/min) .5,.sixty five .eight,.ninety three .sixty five
Carrying capacity of one hook(kg) 250 four hundred 500
Intervalbetween lifting hooks(mm) 600,800 800 800
Abrasive circulation fee(Kg/min) four*250 6*250 five*250
Ventilation capacity(mm) 18000 26500 23700
Cleansing size(mm) 500*1200
seven hundred*1200
700*1500 700*1500
Define dimension(mm) 11764*5525*8254 15380*14706*9542 15308*14706*9542
Pit depth 2070 2667 1700
Power usage(kw) seventy five.3 122.6 106.75
Gross fat of device(kg) 19370 53600 31877


Product Q483C Q485C Q4810
Productiveness(hook/h) 10 10 10
Speed of hook(m/min) two.forty four 7.34 2.forty four
Carrying capability of single hook(kg) 300 five hundred a thousand
Intervalbetween lifting hooks(mm) 2560 2560 2560
Abrasive movement rate(Kg/min) two*250 three*250 six*360
Air flow potential(mm) 6000 10000 25000
Cleansing dimension(mm) one thousand*1400 1200*1700 seven-hundred*2400
Define dimension(mm) 8450&5350*5003 12235*5410*9411 4500*5350*5003
Electricity intake(kw) 38.75 fifty eight.43 85
Gross excess weight of machine(kg) 11150 18365 11300

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Shot Blasting Cleaning Machine with Overhead Chain