Nca Powder Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide for Lithium Battery Cathode Materials - Gn-Lib-Nca

NCA Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide for Lithium battery cathode components – GN-LIB-NCA

one&period of time Large potential NCA
two&time period D50&equals12&period4
3&time period Guess surface region&colon &period9m2&solg
four&period Initial discharge capacity&colon 200mAh&solg &period2C
five&period1st effenciency&colon >90&percnt

1&period We also could source all supplies and full sets equipments for Li-ion battery&period of time

one&rpar&time period LiFePO4&comma LiCoO2&comma LiNiMnCoO2&comma MCMB&comma LiMn2O4&comma Li4Ti5O12&comma normal graphite&comma and other electrode
2&rpar&period of time Cu&Al&Li foil and Al-Ni tags&comma Separator
3&rpar&time period Mixer&comma coater&comma cutter&solslitter&comma roller&comma oven&comma winder&comma welder&comma glove box&comma crimper&comma tester&comma and and many others&period All
4&rpar&interval Full set of production line and engineering for lithium ion battery&period

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What is actually our advantage&colon

A&colon Entire set of goods chain from lithium ion battery materials&comma gear&comma battery manufacturing technology&semi
B&interval 10 many years lithium ion battery working experiences
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Products Standard value
Particle  measurement distribution  &lparum&rpar D10&colon nine&period2&semi    D50&colon twelve&period4&semi   D90&colon seventeen&period1
Tap density &lparg&solcm3&rpar 2&period4-two&period7
Guess &lparm2&solg&rpar &period4-&period7
pH eleven&period5

2&periodElement spec&colon

Aspect Composition Element Composition
    Li seven&period1&percnt
Hg one&period7 Nd —-
Se four&period8 Bi nine&period6
Sn 29&period6 Ni forty eight&period4&percnt
Zn sixty eight&period9 Ta —-
Sb —- Ga —-
Ce —- Co 8&period5&percnt
Pb 33&period9 Fe eighteen&period5
Cd five&period1 Cr 3&period1
In —- Si forty two&period7
Au —- Na 24&period3
B 4&period8 Be —-
Mn 7&period0 Ca twenty five&period8
Pt —- Cu 7&period7
Al 9330 Sc —-
Nb —- K 47&period3
W —- Ag —-

4&interval Battery take a look at
&lpar1&rpar CZPTmmended cathode proportion&colon

Resources Proportion&lparwt&period of time&percnt&rpar
NCA 94&period66
PVDF 1&period55
Conductive carbon 3&period55
Anhydrous oxalic acid &ast &period24

&ast Anhydrous oxalic acid was used to avoid  moisture   absorption  in slurrying and coating&time period It can lessen pH benefit of cathode slurry&interval
&lpar2&rpar CZPTmmended ambient humidity in slurrying and coating procedures&colon < 25&percnt &lparRH&period&comma 25 OC&rpar&period
&lpar3&rpar Normal check price&colon

Things Technique End result
Discharge capability &period5C charge&comma one&plus0&period2C discharge >175 mAh&solg
Daily life 1C charge-discharge >700 cycles &lpar80&percnt retention rate of preliminary discharge capability&rpar
Demand-discharge minimize-off voltage&colon 3&period0-4&period2 V&semi   Temperature&colon twenty five OC&interval

5&periodMaterial correct density&colon

Item Sample Sample weight&lparg&rpar Quantity&lparcm3&rpar Real density Examination day
1 one 16&period8774 3&period4412 four&period9044 2014-7-seven
2 1 sixteen&period8774 three&period4424 4&period9571 2014-seven-7
three one sixteen&period8774 three&period4422 four&period9031 2014-7-7

Nca Powder Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide for Lithium Battery Cathode Materials - Gn-Lib-Nca