Gravity Roller Conveyor in Conveyor Systems

CZPT Medium Duty Stainless Steel Gravity Roller CZPT

Product  Description:

1. As the typical merchandise in the gravity rolller collection, it  is broadly applied,  specially in the carton conveyring spot. e.g airport luggage dealing with and logistics distribution heart.

2. Precesion ball bearing polymer bearing housing , stop cap form the bearing device which is very crucial . It is not only for excellent looding but also additional much more the sleek and peaceful working.

three. The stop cap of roller resist dust and water splash well in operation setting.

4. The layout of pwlymer bearing housing helps make it capable to run in some particular environment.

5. The lubrication technique of bearing could be oil lubricating or grease lubricating as prerequisite

6. Suitable  for the high speed conveying. Velocity could fluctuate according to diameter and duration of roller,  Max.velocity up to 120m/min.

7. Semi-precision bearing for selection, sleek working, be utilised for gravity roller conveyor in lower velocity(<30m/min)

eight. Temperatue range: to +40ºC

Remark:can be CZPT



Gravity Roller Conveyor in Conveyor Systems