Filter Bag Tea Packing Machine

  • Equipment home, hopper, measuring areas and other folks are 304SS (18/10) stainless steel substance against rust.


  • Large temperature-resistant and stress proof bearings in opposition to scattering tea powder are put in on terminal sealing rollers inside and consistently sustain device built-in procedure.

Our researched thread feeder stably works couldn’t make 2 tag sealed on 1 thread or 1 tag on two threads.


  • Equipment procedure is managed by touch screen with PLC method. Touch screen can be set up in many languages, and PLC system can shop a massive variety of knowledge for machine’s efficiency


  • The interior gear with chain method makes the whole equipment managing constant and fast, retains the sounds quietly and extends the provider life much more than ten many years.


  • The motor is servo motor alternatively of basic motor or viriable frequency motor. The interior gear with metal chain program helps make the complete device operating steady and speedy, maintain the noise quietly and prolong the services existence more than ten several years. This servo motor is a lot much more precise and smart.


Filter Bag Tea Packing Machine