Automatic Powder Spraying Robot Reciprocator

Automated Powder Spraying Robot/Reciprocator

Automated powder spraying robot/reciprocator performs a great position in automated powder coating line. It ususlly work with controller cupboard, automated powder coating guns. 

Dynamic areas are made from prime brand worm reduction equipment ,with the precision kind sensor , the machine can be moving stably beneath the high pace.

Pace alter department use the Mitsubishi brand name inverter,this inverter is trustworthy and adaptable with the microprocessor handle and  IGBT technology .The inverter and electric machinery are guarded nicely by the perfect defend program. 

Mechanical parts use eight wheels , the wheels embrace the steel tube tightly from the 4 direction and go by the operate of the chains. The chains are make of unique materials, shifting secure, small noise, reduce wear and so on  . 
Gun rod and gripper are made of aluminum, it is light-weight, moving stably and gorgeous. 

The reciprocator transferring velocity is .08m/2nd ~.8m/next can be altered .The stroke is one.5m,2.1m,two.8m,it also can be requested in accordance to the buyers request.


Layout Instruction:

CZPTal info
Nominal enter voltage    170-264VAC solitary phase
Tolerance    +10%/-10%
frequency    50/60hz
Fuse     10.0AT
Power consumption    2.5kw

A single Variety of Automatic Powder Coating Gun:


Automatic Powder Spraying Robot Reciprocator