Affordable Computerized Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine for Mattress

  Computerized Quilting Machine Non-shuttle for mattress
YXN-ninety four-3C(two”+3″/three”+3″)

A.3 needle bar(5″ and 6″), Styles of 5 inch, 6 inch&eight inch can be processed with equipment.

B.Servo motors and drives are manufactured in Japan Panasonic, frequency converters from Delta, needles from Germany.

C.200 designs in pc for you to select. You can also edit the designs as you like. The personal computer can store 1000patterns

one. Adopt the advanced process style.
2. Needle bar and urgent block just take the double rocker keep away from the materials be dirty by lube.
3. Substantial rigidity equipment body, excellent protecting products and steady-likely control technique.

4. X/Y motors are driven by servo system, and principal axis will take frequency ports program.
five. Take a look at the doing work condition of all sensors and personal computer in actual time.
six. Automobile-end technique when the bottom or upper thread broke by infrared. Automobile carry needle and change the pace by personal computer.

7. Car faults suggestions for servo motor program and transducer, which is convenient to get rid of troubles.
eight. 360° Quilting and limitless multi-span and independent quilting.
Regular managing, high pace, low noise, very thick content with exact quilting.
nine. Ringing recognize when begins equipment.


Product  Title Computer  Non-shuttle  (chain  sew)  Multi-needle  Quilting  Device
Product             YXN-94-3C(2″ +three” /three” +3″ )
Dimensions(L*W*H) 4800*1600*2000mm
Excess weight 4500kg
Quilting  width 2485mm
Needle  bar  place fifty.8, seventy six.2, (2″ +three” ) seventy six.two, 76.2(three” +three” )
Quilting  thickness       80mm
Rolling  velocity 600-900r/min
Output         ten-230m/hour
Needle  kind #21-#24
X-axis  motion 410mm
Needle  room 25.4mm
Stitch  2-8mm
Rated  voltage(AC) 380V/50HZ, /220V/60HZ
Energy 7KW



Affordable Computerized Multi-Needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machine for Mattress